Double Epaillard in Class n. 5 Aston Martin

While waiting for the Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup (two rounds, h 160, €220,000), Prize No. 5 Aston Martin (speed class, h 155, €30,000), qualifying for the Rolex Gran Premio Roma on Sunday 28th, "opened" the competions on the green showground of Piazza di Siena on the second day of the 90th CSIO di Roma Piazza di Siena - Master d'Inzeo.

Twenty-four hours after his success in the No. 2 Eni Prize with Dubai de Soie, French rider Julien Epaillard came in for ‘an encore’. This time he won riding Dubai du Cedre (59.45), the only pair to go under 60 seconds. France placed a winning combination, with Simon Delestre second on Enjoy d'Eole (60.43).

After the one scored early this morning in Prize No. 4 Safe Riding with Just Special Vk, there was another third place for Swiss Bryan Balsiger, in this case on Dubai du Bois Pinchet (61.23).

Best of the Italian rider, Massimo Grossato, came fourth with Cash du Pratel (61.85).

World No. 2 Epaillard is increasingly satisfied with this first participation in Piazza di Siena: «There is no particular reason why I have not competed here in the past. It has not happened untill this year. Dubai du Cedre jumped very well today, despite his lack experience at five-star level. This class was the perfect training for the Rolex Grand Prix Rome on Sunday. So glad we were able to secure qualification scoring victory today».


Ph. Julien Epaillard ©Sport e Salute/Simone Ferraro

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