Admission to the entire area in which the show will take place (Piazza di Siena and the Galoppatoio) will be free of charge. Spectators will be permitted to circulate freely when arriving from the various access points of the Villa Borghese, with the exception of the areas restricted to the horses and their riders (FEI Areas),  enjoying the show from the piazza’s terraced area and the lawn outside the Casina Raffaello.


This year the show has doubled  the jumping arenas in Villa Borghese and therefore also areas of interest for spectators and fans. In addition to the Piazza di Siena arena, once again with its iconic grass surface, a new arena has been created at the Galoppatoio where a number of international classes will be held, as well as most of the national ones. Spectators will find free access to stands, eateries and exhibitors’ tradestands surrounding this new area that also hosts the stables.


In order to enhance the villa’s architectural and naturalist setting, the new project has resulted in a 79% reduction of temporary building compared to previous years. There are two low covered stands with very low impact on visibility from the lawn and the terraces, set up with tables and a catering service, Both are positioned along the oval’s long sides below the two villas. The Partner Lounge Orologio Stand  is reserved to sponsors while the Corporate Lounge Raffaello Stand, which also hosts riders and owners, includes a large hospitality area and reservations for tables are on sale (info and bookings: A champagne bar will be open for spectators close to where riders enter the arena.


Tickets are on sale for seats in the new Fratelli d’Inzeo Stand, which is on the short side of the oval, opposite the entrance to the arena and right below the tree-lined street named after the two riders who made the history of Italian show jumping. Admission tickets can be bought on-line at TicketOne (as of May 2nd ).


Three-day tickets (valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday) cost €150 (+ €16 pre-event sales tax) and also guarantee a seat also for Thursday when admission to this area is free of charge. Daily tickets for this stand can be bought for €70 (+ €7 pre-event sales tax).



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