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The Roll of Honour of the Grand Prix Rome was opened in 1926 by a Polish rider, Adam Krolikiewicz on Picador, and closed by the American Mclain Ward winner of the 2016 edition riding HH Azur. Colonel Piero d'Inzeo is the recordman of this Grand Prix. The eldest of the d'Inzeo brothers, won seven times with six different horses.

As for the horses, the highest number of victories (three) was obtained by a French gelding, Flambeau C, ridden by Frédéric Cottier.


2016 McLain Ward USA HH Azur
2015 Henrik von Eckermann SWE Cantinero
2014 Eric Lamaze CAN Zigali PS
2013 Nick Skelton GBR Big Star
2012 Ludger Beerbaum GER Gotha FRH
2011 Eric Lamaze CAN Hickstead
2010 McLain Ward USA Sapphire
2009 Rodrigo Pessoa BRA Let’s Fly
2008 Dennis Lynch IRL Lantinus
2007 John Whitaker GBR Peppermill
2006 Nick Skelton GBR Arko III
2005 Christian Ahlmann GER Coster
2004 Eugenie Angot FRA Cigale du Tallis
2003 Bruno Broucqsault FRA Dileme de Cephe
2002 Claire Bronfman USA Charltlon
2001 Markus Fucks SUI Cosima
2000 Lisen Bratt SWE Casanova
2000 Dirk Demeersman BEL First Samuel
1999 Thierry Pomel FRA Thor des Chaines
1997 Margie Goldstein-Engle USA Hidden Creek's Laurel
1996 Franke Sloothaak GER San Patrignano Joly Coeur
1995 Franke Sloothaak GER San Patrignano Joly Coeur
1994 Arnaldo Bologni ITA May Day
1993 Jean Claude Vangeenberghe BEL Osta Car. Queen of Diamond
1992 Hervé Godignon FRA Quidam de Revel
1991 Hervé Godignon FRA Akai Prince D'Inconville
1990 Pierre Durand FRA Jappeloup
1989 Jean Claude Vangeenberghe BEL Queen of Diamond
1988 Helen Weinberg GER Just Malone
1987 Vicky Roycroft AUS Apache
1986 Bernardt Kamps GER Argonaut
1985 Michel Robert FRA Lafayette
1984 Frédéric Cottier FRA Flambeau C
1983 Anne Kursinski USA Livius
1982 Frédéric Cottier FRA Flambeau C
1981 Jean Marc Nicolas FRA Mador
1980 Frédéric Cottier FRA Flambeau C
1979 Artur Blickenstorfer GER Hendrik
1978 Eddie Macken IRL Boomerang
1977 Hendrik Schulze Siehoff GER Sarto
1976 Piero d’Inzeo ITA Easter Light
1975 Malcom Pyrah GBR April Love
1974 Raimondo d’Inzeo ITA Gone Away
1973 Piero d'Inzeo ITA Easter Light
1972 Graziano Mancinelli ITA Ambassador
1971 Raimondo d'Inzeo ITA Fiorello
1970 Piero d'Inzeo ITA Red Fox
1969 Salvatore Danno ITA Kim Ando
1968 Piero d'Inzeo ITA Fidux
1967 Piero d'Inzeo ITA Navarette
1966 Paul Weier SUI Junker
1965 Hugo Arrambide ARG Chimbote
1964 Alfonso Queipo de Llano ESP Infernal
1963 Harvey Smith GBR O'Malley
1962 Piero d'Inzeo ITA Sunbeam
1961 William Ringrose IRL Loch an Easpaig
1959 Hans Gunter Winkler GER Halla
1958 Piero d'Inzeo ITA The Rock
1957 Raimondo d'Inzeo ITA Merano
1956 Raimondo d'Inzeo ITA Merano
1955 Pierre Jonqueres d'Oriola FRA Charleston
1954 Pierre Jonqueres d'Oriola FRA Arlequin
1953 William Hanson GBR The Monarch
1952 Ricardo Echeverria CHI Lindo Peal
1951 Jaime Garcia Cruz ESP Quoniam
1950 Bertrand du Breuil FRA Tourbillon
1949 José Navarro Morenés ESP Quorum
1948 Jean d'Orgeix FRA Sucre de Pomme
1947 Alessandro Bettoni Cazzago ITA Uranio
1940 Alessandro Perrone ITA Guapo
1939 Fernando Filipponi ITA Nasello
1938 John Lewis IRL Limerick Lace
1937 Hans Heinrich Brinckmann GER Wotansbruder
1936 Gerardo Conforti ITA Saba
1935 Fernando Filipponi ITA Nasello
1934 Hubert de Maupeau FRA Esplatz
1933 Henry Pernot du Breuil FRA Exercise
1932 Maurice Gudin du Vallerin FRA Vermouth
1931 Henry Pernot du Breuil FRA Welcome
1930 Henry Pernot du Breuil FRA Vermouth
1929 Alessandro Bettoni Cazzago ITA Aladino
1928 Francesco Formigli ITA Grumo
1927 Giulio Borsarelli di Riffredo ITA Glauco
1926 Adam Krolikiewicz POL Picador
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